mANO'S Vision

My passion for this district is born from growing up here, raising my family here and actively engaging in the community with my wife Melissa and our three sons. Our roots to this community underscore my obligation to be the best public servant possible for the families, homeowners and business owners of this district. I am committed to listening to the needs of our community, effectively representing District 133 in Austin. Learn more about where I stand on the issues below:

Fighting For Our Liberty

Since word broke that I might be interested in running for the U.S. House of Representatives, I’ve been asked numerous times, “why now” and “why the House?”

As someone who has taught U.S. History for over 20 years, I appreciate the enormity of serving in the world’s greatest representative body. It is my opinion, that our liberty, the liberty that exists because of the blood and treasure of our forefathers and ancestors, is in great peril, and it is being threatened by those who favor the failed economic system known as socialism.

Socialism is antithetical to every one of our founding principles. Principles that have made us the envy of the world for over 230 years and the destination of generations of people looking for the freedoms that were consistently denied them by royalty, authoritarians, dictators, and terrorists.

Mano’s Plan for Texas

Secure the Border

Mano DeAyala was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott to the Texas Board of Criminal Justice, which plays a critical role in Operation Lone Star to stop Mexican Cartels and other smugglers from moving drugs and people into Texas. Mano DeAyala will ensure Texas secures its border while stopping the federal government from relocating illegal immigrants into our communities without notifying local law enforcement.

Fight Violent Crime

Mano DeAyala knows we have a serious problem with out-of-control crime and a judicial system that is not working. Mano is the candidate with the experience and skills to lead on these very important issues in Austin.

Mano has been endorsed by:

- Hon. Dale Wainwright, Former Chair Texas Board of Criminal Justice and Texas Supreme Court Justice

Cut Property Taxes

Mano DeAyala’s plan to cut property taxes is simple, by doing what we know works and continue to compress the local M&O rate and reducing the cap on annual appraisal increases while ensuring we limit state spending to ensure the property tax cuts are sustainable and permanent.

Mano has been endorsed by:

Support Parents and Traditional Education

Our schools must put parents in control of their children’s education, not education bureaucrats. Mano DeAyala will oppose the extreme ideological indoctrination of schoolchildren. As our state representative, Mano DeAyala be an advocate for transparency in our schools and he will return power to parents.

Mano has been endorsed by:

Defend Texas Values

Mano DeAyala will protect and defend life and our deeply-held conservative values while ensuring Texas leads the way by stopping government overreach, socialism and progressive policies currently hurting our country.

Mano has been endorsed by:

- AQ NRA Rating (Highest a candidate can receive)

Keeping our communities safe

Everyone should feel safe in their community.
Crime has been steadily on the rise, especially in Harris County. Rising crime needs to be addressed at the state level with commonsense solutions that prioritize defending Texan families and future victims.

Controlling our border

Whether or not President Biden or Congressional Democrats will acknowledge it, illegal immigration has gotten out of control at our Southern border with Mexico. With the federal government providing no support or recognition of this crisis, Texas must take the lead with strong border response policies. I will fight to ensure that our state takes a firm stance on prioritizing border protection.

Reducing our
tax burden

Our state doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. Texas has become a beacon of growth and opportunity in the nation because of its history of reduced government and entrepreneurial spirit. I will fight to cut taxes and spend our current available resources wisely.

Fighting for our
Texas Values

I will advocate to protect the values that make Texas the greatest state in the nation and continue the tradition of Texas excellence.

Supporting parents and traditional education

Our children are the future of Texas, and their education is a crucial component of setting them up for early success as young adults. I will fight to remove politics from the classroom and advocate for an environment of learning that prioritizes education and readiness programs to help prepare them for the real world.

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